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Typhon, (Satan.)  Why did the Egyptians include this card in the Tarot deck?  First, it should be pointed out that the Egyptians didn't.  It was a certain specific Egyptian.  The Psalmist writes this:

51 And smote all the firstborn in Egypt; the chief of their strength in the tabernacles of Ham:

The Psalmist, through the common Hebrew usage of parallelism, equates people in Egypt to people dwelling in the houses of Ham, who was a son of Noah.  Thus the founder of Egypt was Ham, Noah's son.  Noah was close to God and had been given abundant revelations about the Lord and His plans.  Noah followed in the tradition of Enoch and Adam to place great truths in story book form for the use in training future generations.  Adam named many of the stars with the names they still have today in widely varied cultures around the globe.  Enoch's pictures were surely incorporated by Noah and Ham into picture and story form to pass down to their posterity.

Thus Typhon was no Egyptian deity, nor enemy deity.  He is the representation used by the founding family of Egypt--that of Noah--to teach future generations about their greatest enemy, the founder and president of the kingdom of evil.

Look at the representations on this card. Smoke and destruction are always in the wake of Satan’s activity. Those who subject themselves to him are chained. Since these chained beings look like Typhon himself there is a great lesson.   Those who listen to the promptings and demands of Satan, whether they be human or fallen angel, end up looking like him and becoming like him.  He loves keeping others in subjection.  He is no great fan of character development and positive human growth.

His staff has a downward "V" surrounding a circle, indicating that his ploy is to lead the carnal mind to believe that life on this earth is Paradise. Through pleasures and diversions he is skilled at leading all who follow him to destruction and eternal loss. With the apostle Paul, the righteous must always be ready to say, "…we are not ignorant of his devices." (2 Cor. 2:11)

And it is certain that we know his future...



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