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The Stone

The Cubic Stone. The one who sits on the cubic stone is to be contrasted with the next major figure, 5. The Master of the Arcanes. While that figure is a master only in that he has earthly allegiance from subservient followers, the master of this cubic stone is alone. He has no subjects. His is a mastery of self. He sits victorious on the stone, which symbolizes the material world, because of his assurance of eternal life, symbolized by the circle-rod he holds.

The Stone is austere.  There is no fanciness here, no love of display, no powerful temple in sight.  Just a man sitting on a stone with a wand symbolizing his faith in things divine. Faith in God is sufficient to grant personal victory in this life.

Isn't that wonderful?  I mean seriously, think of how wonderful personal victory is, the clarity to be able to stand alone against the crowd and to be content.  Wanting nothing.  Free and complete even while alone.  This can be you.  Is it?



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