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The Sphinx.

The Sphinx. This card contains mighty revelation, the identity of the Hall of Records. There has never been a shred of archaeological or historic evidence that this fabled secret chamber, the grail of disciples of the late Edgar Cayce, exists. This card shows the Sphinx dwelling on the platform of the earth. Below, in subterranean symbolism, the devil and the Spirit of Good (called anciently the God Kne-phta) are effecting the mighty wheel of destiny, the course of history. The shaft of the Sphinx points directly to the Spirit of Good, as if to say to all who are searching for this mysterious Hall of Records: "You will find the Hall of Records when you realize that you are one of its authors. Your acts and thoughts daily are building the history of man. Now look at the Spirit of Good, of God Himself. Look and see that His way is the right way. You will be doing all you can to perfect the Hall of Records by becoming who you should be, by fulfilling your life’s calling."

This is, probably, not the message that seekers for the Hall of Records want to hear.  That is too bad.  Because their search for that Hall, will be in vain. They will pass by the answer in this tarot card, they will neglect the ancient answer drawn there many millennia ago.  The excitement they seek is really an escape from the hard realities of this life.

The Sphinx also carries an ancient riddle.  The Sphinx has the head of a woman and the body of a lion.  The name sphinx comes from a root (from which we get, for instance, the name for the sphincter muscle) which means to "join."   The Sphinx joins the woman and the lion.  In the circle of constellations we call the Zodiac, there has always been a question of where to start the circle...The Sphinx answers that.  Start at the woman, Virgo...if you do, you will end at the lion...Leo.  The Sphinx reveals that the message contained in the Tarot cards is the same message revealed in the Heavens...in the Zodiac...

Just as traveling through the Tarot deck builds meaning upon meaning, so the journey through the Zodiac yields truth upon truth, ending with Leo, the lion...the next card of the Tarot...


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