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The Resurrection.

  The message of Easter is older than Egypt...the righteous in all ages have been assured of life beyond the grave.  When the last trumpet blows, those who have died in faith, in love with truth and light and life, will come forth from the graves...this is the certain message of the Tarot, and it is the crowning message of the New Testament...
If our hope in Christ is for this life only, we should be pitied more than anyone else in the world. {20} But Christ has truly been raised from the dead--the first one and proof that those who sleep in death will also be raised. {21} Death has come because of what one man did, but the rising from death also comes because of one man. {22} In Adam all of us die. In the same way, in Christ all of us will be made alive again. {23} But everyone will be raised to life in the right order. Christ was first to be raised. When Christ comes again, those who belong to him will be raised to life, {24} and then the end will come. At that time Christ will destroy all rulers, authorities, and powers, and he will hand over the kingdom to God the Father. {25} Christ must rule until he puts all enemies under his control. {26} The last enemy to be destroyed will be death. {27} The Scripture says that God put all things under his control. When it says "all things" are under him, it is clear this does not include God himself. God is the One who put everything under his control. {28} After everything has been put under the Son, then he will put himself under God, who had put all things under him. Then God will be the complete ruler over everything.   
                                            (1 Cor 15:19-28 NCV)

The Father is the One who sent me. No one can come to me unless the Father draws him to me, and I will raise that person up on the last day. ... {46} No one has seen the Father except the One who is from God; only he has seen the Father. {47} I tell you the truth, whoever believes has eternal life. (John 6:44-47 NCV)

Do you believe?  If you do, put on your crown!


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